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About New York Conference

Meeting in New York Sarah and Rasool were the talk of influence. The three-day meeting of experts in addition  to the  appreciation  of the  best movie the problems  addressed  and the future clearer for Sarah and Rasool had anticipated. The meeting was held before the Dubai Film Festival.

The Walking Dead

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Sarah is a real actor with a lot of fans

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Sarah and Dominic purcell among people

Rasool didn't attend due to business trip                                                                                                   


sarah wayne callies and rasool savabgar

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Sarah and Savabgar talk about each other

Sarah always calls his happiness because he said having a good family and a friend that he always changed the world does not lack something  the other  does not. Much of its success, he owes Rasool knows. Sarah heart always beats, and his family love for him is nothing more beautiful  than this. Sarah hopes to remain so forever and spent his life enjoying his family to live with. Sarah says: Rasool a full and wonderful human being  is a life without  him I could not care  for me a man who always fresh and on time no less worth it for me and always has
been and will be. And also know that Rasool has a sense about Sarah.

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Sarah happiness alongside her family and Savabgar

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